We make Handwoven delicate

 Shawls, Scarves and Squares

We also make Tweeds and Small Blankets

All of wool unless otherwise stated.

These pages were updated and unconfused a wee bit  in

April 2014

Let us hope it proves a good year, well, it seems better already.

December 2013 was the darkest and wettest in Scorraig since I started keeping a record 10 years ago

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A recent assortment of Shawls and Scarves.

Photoed on a rare sunny day


Here is a new one, still on the loom to cheer things up a bit.

We are not satisfied that the camera reproduces the real colours and continue to work on it.
For this I apologize and trust that the real colours are more pleasant to behold than those in the photos anyway.

Narrow Scarves are prefixed by the letter--------------- N are £15
Shawls by-----------------------------------------------------W  are £25
Rugs by------------------------------------------------------- R are £25

The next picture is of a new blanket straight off the loom It will be checked washed in hot soap and water and pressed.

The blue and the plum coloured blankets on the left are strait off the loom,

those on the right are finished and ready for sale.

They will be checked, washed and pressed in the next few days.

There is a selection of the new ones to be seen here

Here are a few of the new blankets, finished.

We have made them a few inches longer than the old ones.
Some people like them as shawls.

These shawls or wide scarves are plain weave
about 30" by 60".

Although I make a point of never believing the plaudits I find on other

people's websites I have weakened to the extent of publishing these ones

from ladies who bought Scorraig Weave Textiles.

The ladies gave me permission to use their letters.

"The ones I bought from you many years ago I wear all the time. I lost my most treasured
 one a year ago and really miss it.

"Dear Alun,
Just to let you know that the scarves arrived this morning and they are wonderful. 
They were both intended as Christmas presents, but I’m afraid that one of them may have to stay
in my wardrobe. Many thanks,   
I forgot to ask permission from this lady.
Hi Alun,
Yes, it arrived yesterday. Thank you very much, it is beautiful.

I have only depicted a limited number of photos of what we sell but if anybody wants to see  samples of our current  stock they should email me Scorraig Weave telling me of their requirements and I will photograph some samples for them. We never make many yards of any pattern of tweed and the shawls hardly ever repeat themselves at all.

 Debbie over the hill 2 miles weaves tweed and Rona in Tigh Scorraig weaves some of the shawls.

    Although Scorraig weave products are all Hand Woven, there are needless to say electric devices involved in the washing pressing etc. Of course we have electric lights as well. All this power comes from a 4 kw windmill, designed and made in Scorraig.  Hugh Piggott did most of it with help from Alun.

We haven't used a backup generator for about ten years. We can borrow and lend battery charging power between our windmill and that of our daughter in law. Where the wires from the two similar windmills run parallel we have made provision for  emergency connections to switch from one to the other.

We also have 8 solar panels which pull their weight in calm sunny weather but not too much in the winter.


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